Simplify with the AyrDyne® monitoring system.

The control and functions that you need, the convenience that you want.


  • Multiple Screens – maintenance, VFD setup, DP trending, etc.
  • Password Protected – NOW STANDARD
  • System Feedback – voltage, frequency, DC bus voltage, etc.
  • NEMA Rating – Standard AyrDyneTM enclosure NEMA 12. Controller has the ability to integrate into NEMA 4X enclosure.
  • Flexible and Customizable User Interface
  • Process Interlocks – can interlock with existing process
  • Remote Signals – dry contact, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, etc.
  • NEW Compressed Air Monitoring


  • Differential Pressure – Ability to monitor, trend, and data log
  • Static Pressure
  • Automatic or Manual VFD Frequency Control
  • Cleaning System
  • Compressed Air Pressure
  • Safety System Integration, Smoke Alarms, E-stops, Faults, etc.
  • Hand-Off-Auto Control for Rotary Valves and Screw Conveyors


  • Hour Meters – preventative maintenance can be done based on hour meter, calendar, or Delta P.
  • Demand Cleaning, Downtime Cleaning, Constant Cleaning, and Individual Solenoid Control
  • Preset Filter Life Indicator (on screen reminders)
  • Alarm Banner
  • EP System Integration/Monitoring

Standard Features

  • UL Listed per 508A
  • NEMA 12 enclosure, UL type 1 assembly, size to be determined
  • Through the door fusible disconnect switch with appropriate fuses
  • Red and yellow rotary handle, lockable in the off position
  • Control power transformer, main voltage – 120VAC with appropriate fuses
  • Variable frequency drive
  • AyrDyne® controller / monitoring system (NEW Larger 7" HMI)
    Base Control:
  • System start and stop control
  • Blower on indication
  • Blower fault indication (fault code of VFD will be shown on AyrDyne)
    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control:
  • Automatic
  • Display and modify various VFD parameters
    Filter Differential and Cleaning System:
  • Automatic control of pulse cleaning system with downtime
  • Filter high differential pressure indication
  • Filter differential pressure trending
  • Ability to pulse individual solenoids to aid in troubleshooting
  • Hour meter to indicate blower run time
  • DenTech, Inc. wiring diagrams and layout drawings

Optional Features

    D - Deduct for direct drive:
  • Removal of VFD and associated displays; replaced with IEC contactor and overload
  • No automatic speed control, system will operate at full speed, 60Hz
    P - Adder to integrate and monitor Isolation Valve:
  • Safety relay w/ 22MM red
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Emergency Stop Reset button
    E - Adder for Bottle Type Suppression System:
  • Safety relay w/ 22MM red
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Emergency Stop Reset button
  • Provisions to tie in a N.C. dry contact from customer supplied suppression system
    control panel
  • Automatic system shut down via suppression system control panel alarm
    EV - Explosion Vent Burst Indicator:
  • Provisions to interlock the control panel to
    shut down automatically in the event of the Burst Indicator activation
      F – Provision for Fire Suppression Shutdown:
    • Adder for Fire Suppression Shutdown - On-Screen indication of Fire Suppression alarm and shutdown
      M – Adder for Additional Starter (Rotary Valve, Screw Conveyor, etc.):
    • IEC contactor and overload for ≤5HP motor
    • Time delay circuit to allow motor to continue to run after the blower is turned off (if required)
    • 3-pole fuse block and fuses for the motor
    Z – Zero Speed Switch:
  • Provisions to integrate a zero speed switch on a rotary valve or other material transfer device
    DV – Double Dump Valve:
  • Provisions to monitor and control a double dump valve with adjustable modes and cycle times
    L – Adder for Level Indicator Circuit:
  • Provisions to tie in a level indicator
    B – Adder for Broken Bag Detector:
  • Provisions to tie in a broken bag detector
    H – Adder for High Temperature Circuit:
  • Provisions to tie in a high temperature switch
    C – Compressed Air Dump Valve:
  • Adder for valve to dump stored air from cleaning system manifold upon emergency stop
    A – Alarm Beacon & Horn:
  • Include a flashing stack light and audible alarm horn for fault indication
    PD – HEPA Pressure Drop Monitor:
  • Monitor and display the differential pressure of a HEPA filter
  • Adjustable alarm point
    T – Adder for ability to pulse 12+ Solenoid Valves
    ES – Emergency Stop Button & Circuit:
  • Include a 22mm red Emergency Stop button and blue Emergency Stop Reset button on the enclosure door, which is wired to a safety relay
  • De-energize hazardous control voltages
    7P – 7 ½ HP PD Pump Motor:
  • 3-pole fuse block and fuses for the motor
  • IEC contactor and overload for ≤7 ½ HP PD Pump
  • Time Delay Circuit to allow motor to continue to run after the blower is turned off (if required)
    2P – 20 HP PD Pump Motor:
  • 3-pole fuse block and fuses for the motor
  • IEC contactor and overload for ≤20 HP
  • Time Delay Circuit to allow motor to continue to run after the blower is turned off (if required)
    R – Adder for Remote Start/Stop Provisions:
  • Provisions to tie in customer's N.O. dry contact to start/stop system
    N – NEMA 12 Remote Start/Stop Station:
  • NEMA 12 rated remote station with Start and Stop buttons
    S – Secured Access:
  • Password protect screens to prevent unwanted set point and parameter changes
    U – Discount when using a 'Proflap' without a wear/tear sensor
    dL - Level Indicates Shipped Loose with Panel
    dB - Broken Bag Detector Shipped Loose with Panel
    dC - Compressed Air Dump Valve Shipped Loose with Panel
    dCM - Compressed Air Monitor Shipped Loose with Panel

General Notes

  1. Control panel is based on installation indoors, in an area that does not exceed 90°F, decrease below 55°F, or installed in an area that does not receive direct sunlight. If installed in an area that exceeds these conditions, all warranties are void.
  2. DenTech is an Inductive Automation (IGNITION) Certified Integrator.
  3. DenTech, Inc. is a U.L. Listed Industrial Control Panel Shop with File numbers NITW.E328554 (508A) and NRBX.E478110 (698A).
  4. DenTech, Inc. shall not be responsible for any harmonics that are fed back into the power grid and / or radiated from the equipment. We recommend that a harmonic check test be performed before this equipment is installed. Price does not include costs of any testing or harmonic mitigation.
  5. Due to the technical nature of this control panel and customer expectations, it is highly recommended by DenTech, Inc. for one of our Control Engineers be present on site for startup. This is not included in the price for the control panel listed on this quote. If desired, please enquire and a separate quote will be provided.
  6. Installation of control panel to be performed by a knowledgeable electrician with experience with control circuits. DenTech, Inc. will not be responsible for incorrect installation, damage to equipment, injury to personnel, or death.
  7. Price does not include any other field installed devices or remotely mounted sensors not mentioned on this quote.
  8. Price does not include any permits, certifications, inspections, or fees associated with the previously mentioned.
  9. Price does not include any power conditioning (line reactors, surge protectors, etc.) devices. This shall be the responsibility of others to provide, if necessary. If it is determined this is needed and not installed, all warranties will be void. If damage occurs, then it is determined that the power source surged, spiked, etc. and no protection devices were installed, repair and / or replacement will not be covered by warranty.
  10. Price does not include any programming software, if applicable.
  11. Price for control panel does not include any applicable freight or delivery charges.
  12. Price for control panel does not include any applicable sales tax.
  13. Price for control panel does not include any on site installation or start up.
  14. Program loaded into PLC is proprietary property of DenTech, Inc. Program will not be provided separately, PLC will be password protected, and password will not be provided.
  15. The manufacturers of the control panel components shall be at the discretion of DenTech, Inc. If customer requires specific manufacturers, price may need adjusted.
  16. Warranty: One (1) year parts & labor for manufacturing defects. Manufacturer's warranty applies for commercial components. Warranty period begins upon delivery of equipment and shall not be extended due to non-use of equipment.

Component Notes

(All components are shipped loose and do not include installation)

  1. Compressed Air Dump Valve – Maximum air pressure = 145 PSI, Temperature range = 32 to 140 degree Fahrenheit, Voltage = 24 VDC, Max flow rate = 250 scfm @100 psi
  2. Level Indicator – Rotary Paddle style monitor, Temperature range = -57 to 200 degree Fahrenheit, Power required = 24 VDC, Output contacts = 15A @ 250 VAC max, Maximum pressure = 30 PSI, Sensitivity = 5 lb./ft3 minimum material density
  3. Broken Bag Detector – 316 SS Probe length = 3”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 30”, 36” long, Temperature range = -35 to 185 degree Fahrenheit, Maximum pressure = 30 PSI, Power required = 24 VDC, Output contacts = 5A @ 30 VDC or 250 VAC max, Humidity range = 0-95% relative; non-condensing, Dynamic range = 1pA – 10,000,000 pA
  4. Compressed Air Monitor – Flow switch, Temperature range = 200 degree Fahrenheit, Pressure Limit = 500 PSIG, Electrical rating = 1.5 A @ 24VDC, SCFM 11.6, LPM 328